The Crew

Info about the Wild Snow crew, including the local guides.

Wild Snow

A bit more about the company and why we are here.

Angus Winstone


Angus is a lifelong skier who started skiing at the age of three, honing his mountain skills and off-piste skiing experience in New Zealand's most spectacular peaks. With a deep passion for skiing and ski mountaineering, he has explored remote ski areas such as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Japan, and Kashmir, developing a fascination for the local mountain cultures. This passion for exploration and adventure led him to establish Wild Snow, a boutique tour company that offers off-the-beaten-track ski experiences with authentic cultural engagement.

Musha Magray


Musha is a well-known figure in Gulmarg, Kashmir and a close childhood friend of Mushtaq. He's also an experienced Kashmir Heli-ski guide, who has been guiding in the region for years. Angus and Musha met through Mushtaq, and since then, Musha has shown Angus some of the most epic lines in Gulmarg.
Musha has an excellent understanding of the Himalayan curry powder, and his expertise makes him the perfect guide for anyone looking for the perfect line to ski.

Mushtaq Rather


Mushtaq and Angus were brought together by fate on an unforgettable powder day in Gulmarg, where they immediately hit it off and formed an unbreakable "ski-bromance". Ever since that day, they have been exploring the mountains together, trading lines and sharing their passion for skiing.
As a local Gulmarg Heli-ski guide, Mushtaq has an intimate knowledge of the area, having grown up in the Tangmarg village at the base of the mountain. He is an experienced and safety-conscious guide, with a patient demeanor and a cool personality that makes skiing with him an unforgettable experience.

Virginia Winstone


Virginia's passion for the outdoors started with sailing around the world, but her love for skiing and mountain running truly blossomed in the South Island of New Zealand. As an instructor, she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the slopes and helping others up their game. Always up for an adventure, Virginia is happiest skiing powdery slopes and exploring new terrain.

Lyall Crump

Lyall Aka 'LalaG'

Lyall is a highly experienced ski instructor and coach with over 35 years of teaching under his belt. He is well-known in the Mt Ruapehu area for running the 'All Mountain program' and coaching the RSS program. Lyall has also spent time chasing winters in Japan, further honing his skills and experience in the snow. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Lyall is the go-to person for anyone looking to upskill their powder techniques. When he's not instructing, Lyall can often be found exploring the backcountry or scaling couloirs.

Olive Winstone


Nicole's passion for snowboarding started in Japan and she has been addicted ever since. Nicole is a year round shredder, and can be found flying down the slopes at Mt Ruapehu in the New Zealand. A super cool Kiwi chick!  

Wildsnow Tours was born out of a deep love and passion for skiing in off-the-beaten-path destinations. We're not just another tour company that tells you where to ski - we're there with you every step of the way, skiing alongside you and ensuring your safety.
Our team of experienced guides and instructors have personally scouted and skied each location we take you to, so you can trust that you're in good hands. We offer ski travel experiences that are out of the ordinary and full of authentic cultural engagement.
We believe that skiing is not just a sport, it's a way of life, and we want you to share in that passion. Our small boutique tour company is dedicated to providing high-quality guiding and instruction, so you won't miss out on that epic line.
We're not just tour operators, we're fellow skiers who have lived and breathed the mountains we take you to. We care deeply about your experience and want to ensure that it's one you'll never forget - complete with full bragging rights. Join us for the ski adventure of a lifetime.

Skiing at Wildsnow in Gulmarg