All persons travelling to Kashmir, India require a travel visa, valid passport and Covid test & record uploaded. Below are some of the links and files to the various things you will need to do prior to leaving on your adventure.


The ABOVE link is the official website to get your visa for India e-visa ensure that you have the visa prior to departing. The 30 day visa can be applied for 60 days prior to departure.
1. CONTACT IN INDIA: we will supply this at the time of your application


Don’t forget to check that your passport is valid! For most countries a minimum of six months validity is required beyond your intended stay. If you need to refresh your New Zealand passport follow the link to the official government website
While in NZ check with your doctor.
We dont like to advise clients of what to get or not to get... its entirley up to you.

Happy to chat about the risks, just flick me a message or better still give me a call!


Here at Wild Snow we want your adventure to be as safe as possible. The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides advice on security and safety in many destinations with up-to-date news and a registration page for New Zealanders travelling overseas.
It is important to register your trip on safe Travel (official NZ government website)


India has updated its requirements, and it is no longer required to up load your Covid Pass to the website. We have kept the link just in case changes occur!

New Requirements / update from 21/11/2022


The following link is a gear list that im sure will be helpful for packing or insurance purposes.
If you require any further gear such as transceiver, shovel, probe or boots etc... please visit our shop, make sure you ask for our CLIENT DISCOUNT CODE

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