TOUR Payment Options

Wild Snow Ltd provides a variety of payment options to make booking your next active travel adventure as easy and flexible as possible. Wild Snow accepts payments by direct credit and by major credit/debit cards* (including Visa, Mastercard ). The payment pathways are automatically sent or engaged on the shop platform.


1. On acceptance of your Booking you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 NZD within 14 days of such confirmation.

o An Invoice will be sent with payment links or pay the deposit via Bank Transfer, Direct Credit or CC

2. We accept all major currencies (and have accounts for Euro, USD, UK, AUD) via Transferwise, we can supply local accounts for all major currencies. To learn more about paying by direct credit in your own currency check

3. Credit cards for deposit only. (If you are wanting to pay for all of your trip on credit card you will incur a 2.5% credit card fee - (we would prefer you didn't).

4. Payment of the remainder (Balance)of the price is due 90 days prior to departure. FX will be on the date of transfer of funds.

5. All prices are in New Zealand dollars ($NZD) but we are happy to lock in your exchange rate at the time of booking / payment.

6. Prices which are advertised or otherwise quoted in respect of your trip are subject to change prior to departure. Prices are only guaranteed upon payment of the total Price.

7. Please read the full T&C's of the tour for a full understanding.

Choose the best option that works for you and book your next adventure today. If you would like more information about payment options drop us a line.