Elevate Your Powder Skiing with Wild Snow's 'Powder Clinic' in Gulmarg

Skiing Gulmarg

Welcome to the wildest clinic on the mountain - the Powder Clinic!

Get ready to take your skiing skills to new heights and conquer the fluffy white stuff like a pro. We're stoked to announce that for the upcoming 2023/24 season, we've got the legendary Lyall Crump, aka Lala G, as our New Zealand Ski Instructor extraordinaire. With over 35 years of ripping up the slopes and sharing his expertise, Lala G is the perfect instructor / guide to take you on this epic skiing journey.

Powder Clinic

At the Powder Clinic, you'll have the opportunity to ski with Lala G every day and receive personalized coaching that will transform your powder game. He'll teach you the secrets of shredding through deep snow, from the basics to advanced techniques, making sure you have an absolute blast on the mountain. But the fun doesn't stop there! 

Lala G will give you valuable feedback, celebrate your progress, and share tips to unleash your inner powder junkie. It's the perfect time to pick his brain, ask burning questions, and unlock the secrets to taking your skiing to the next level. Don't worry if you're new to the powder game or a seasoned pro seeking fresh challenges - the Powder Clinic is designed for skiers of all levels. Lala G's coaching style will meet you right where you're at and guide you towards achieving your goals. Whether you're a powder rookie eager to make your first tracks or a seasoned veteran hungry for new thrills, this clinic is your ticket to a powder-filled paradise.

At the Powder Clinic, we've got options to suit every skier's needs. You can go all-in and join us for the full duration of the clinic, where Lala G will be your skiing guru every single day. It's a full immersion experience that guarantees massive improvements and endless fun.

Lala G jumping

But we get it, life can be unpredictable, and schedules don't always align perfectly. That's why we also offer the flexibility of booking single days (or 1/2 days) of lessons with Lala G. So if you're short on time or just want to focus on specific aspects of your skiing, you can tailor your experience accordingly.

Whether you choose the full clinic or opt for individual days, rest assured that Lala G will bring his A-game to every session. His expertise, enthusiasm, and infectious love for powder will have you charging down the slopes with newfound confidence and style.

So, whether you're committed to a full skiing extravaganza or prefer to take it day by day, the Powder Clinic with Lala G is the ultimate opportunity to elevate your skiing skills and conquer the mountain in epic powder fashion. Get ready for a memorable experience that will leave you craving more. Let's make some unforgettable turns together!

 Get ready to send it with style and finesse - the Powder Clinic awaits you!